Nikola and Honza | Kenji's ShotBook - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - svatební, portrétní a lifestyle fotograf Jihlava

Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - KENJI'S SHOTBOOK - portrétní, rodinný a svatební fotograf Jihlava

Nikola and Honza

We really enjoyed taking photos with Kenji. We have been taking pictures with him several times already - a couple's photo shoot and it is always a great experience. That's why we decided to take a wedding photo shoot with him. He has very beautiful photos and the approach is also professional. So if you are hesitant and looking for a photographer, this is a clear choice! :)

Nikola a Honza - párová fotografie - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - fotograf Jihlava