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Zonerama - Why do I use it?

Zonerama - Why do I use it?

Surely you have all worked out how to transmit photos (not only) to clients in digital form, to make it as simple and pleasant as possible for both parties. When I started, I tried a lot of different solutions. The first was probably a wallet, which is comfortable for fast sending, but not so comfortable to receive. Because I had to deal with questions and suggestions like "I downloaded it for two hours and it is not possible to unpack it" or "The consignment has already expired and wants to restore it by SMS for CZK 40, can you upload it again"? And you really don't want to deal with this ... and not at all when you get five people a week with this problem. The second option I tried was cloud storage. This could eliminate both problems - for example, dropbox and drive really have no problem with packing a stack of files, downloading them and then unpacking them. You don't even have to deal with the "forfeiture" of the shipment, because those files will be there for as long as you leave them there. Well, that's the stumbling block. With more data, cloud storage becomes quite expensive. And I'm really not that economical. Dropbox offers 3TB space (which could last a year or two) for 10 euros, which is nothing terrible. But basically, it does not offer much in addition to file sharing.

And so the choice fell on the online gallery. The first one I tried and paid for some time was an irish iran from Canon - let her be light, because not even a month ago Canon decided not to support her anymore. I think it is a pity, because it certainly had its users and fans. The disadvantage is that if you want convenience and do not have to delete back the sent data (yes again the problem "The pictures are no longer there, can you upload them again?"), You have to pay. Again, these are not quite large amounts, but in the long run it is simply not the case, and in the end you are forced to either pay a lot or delete it back. And who wants ?! Similar services are really big, some can be connected with CRM systems, which brings with it a few advantages. (About CRM systems in one of the next blogs) But most work on the same system

Finally, a friend pointed me out to Zonerama, which I had seen before, because I use Zoner Photo Studio X to view and select photos, but I never cared more about it. Now I use it to send albums since this July and I have to admit .... I wouldn't change! Zonerama is an online gallery where you can add publicly available albums - that is, accessible to all zonerama members. They can like, view, and inspire photos, so there's a chance to get fans or build a community. And the biggest power is the ability to add hidden albums. These are exactly the ones you want no one other than your client to whom you send the link to see. You can upload photos directly from Zoner Photo Studio X or easily via the web interface. You create an album that you can name as you like, and then you can share the album for viewing and downloading of full-size photos. And he can still share it with his family, friends, acquaintances, etc. - if he wants to. Viewing itself is fast, the gallery is really nice, you can even turn on the slideshow, so you can basically run the gallery on TV and slide down, for example, from a wedding. The photos are also packed as they are downloaded, but I haven't noticed an issue like a wallet that someone couldn't unpack the archive. And so on, there are a lot of great features there. At least I recommend to try and touch the interface.

And now the best. Zonerama is unlimited and is free! You pay nothing and you can have a billion photos there. You don't have to watch the available space and delete old albums. Your clients can easily download them again in a year. That makes zonerama a great photo backup service, right? Now let the discs burn us, we have Zonerama!

And not to praise, a few things I would like Jesus to do in Zonerama. Reponsiveness for mobile service is not much, it could be improved. Making a mobile app would actually be even better. And it would also be great to be able to send Zonerama somehow directly to the printer ..... be connected to and connect directly to my commission system? : O Wow, that would be epic!

Benefits of Zonerama

Unlimited (any amount of data / photos)
It's free
It's clear
Possibility of hidden albums that only the user with the link can reach
Possibility to password-protect albums (only the password has access)
Full size photos
Easy download without problems with damaged archive etc.
It is Czech

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