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Why do I use Studio Ninja?

Why do I use Studio Ninja? - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - svatební, portrétní a lifetye fotograf Jihlava

I have been asked several times how I communicate and book weddings in particular. You asked questions at workshops, on a live stream, and now for the last time we started it easily in an interview for quality photos. So I decided to write a short blog about it.

If you book photo shoots (and especially weddings) and write information just in the calendar, you always come up with a new email, etc., then you know that it happens here and there that you forget something. Or you don't remember everything you agreed on. And this is a fairly common thing with a large number of orders, and I completely understand that, it happened to me too. That's why I started looking for a tool that would make the whole workflow easier for me. I didn't have high expectations. In fact, I just wanted something to help me keep track of annotated orders so I wouldn't get lost in it. And when I tried Studio Ninja, I got a lot more. By the way, this is not a sponsored post unfortunately: D I will share with you only my experience.

So as you read on the home page of studioninja.co, you will find that it is a studio management software created for photographers, from photographers. I don't know exactly what studio management software is either, but I know what CRM - customer relationship management is and we can simply say that it is the same. As for the functions, you get the following (I list what is important to me):

  • Workflow - you can easily set what the ordering procedure should be. The client will book, SN will answer it, it will remind you of something, something will be sent, etc. For each genre of photography, the workflow can be set up differently - because you book weddings differently and portraits, video, etc. (Yes, it's a great platform for video makers).
  • Invoicing - because why use other invoicing software when I can have it in one? In addition, those invoices can be sent automatically, comments on the due date are sent automatically, etc.
  • Automation - many of the tasks can happen automatically. Prescribe email and frnk, it's there. And you can sleep peacefully. Comments to clients before the photo shoot, tips on how to dress for the photo shoot, thanks after the photo shoot. Just prescribe it once and just set it up. It saves a lot of time and you don't have to think about whether you told the client all the necessary information.
  • Calendar - SN has its own calendar, which can also be linked to a Google calendar. So the moment you book a photo shoot, you have it right in your google calendar.
  • Applications - yes, SN also has its applications, so you always carry the system with you. Unfortunately, only the settings page does not have SN in the application and opens in the browser. So for setting up workflows and emails, it is better to sit comfortably at the computer and then just use the application for operation.
  • Electronic signatures - No more printing and felling of rainforests! All offers, contracts and documents can be "signed" by the client online. It is taken in the same way as a purchase on an e-shop, so the agreement with the contract is as valid as the agreement with the business conditions, for example on Alza. And the great thing about contracts is that you have black on white what your job is and you and the client are covering.
  • Web connection - You place the inquiry form on the website and your inquiries jump straight to Studio Ninja. Simple isn't it?

How do I use Studio Ninja? What is my workflow?

  1. I have an inquiry form on the website. From it, everything jumps straight to SN. The client selects the type of photo shoot, so that the correct workflow is included in the demand. A client and an inquiry are created in the SN.
  2. I will send the client a prescribed email with the necessary information. I'll let him know if I have his appointment free, I'll write him info about the meeting or video call. This step would probably be automated according to the availability in the calendar, but I would like to have more control over it, so I send the mail manually.
  3. The client has the necessary information and we will arrange a meeting or video call - an appointment will be created in the SN. Before the meeting, SN reminds me that I have a meeting.
  4. At the meeting or during the video call, we will get to know the client and give him all the necessary information. If we sit down, we will agree on the next steps.
  5. After the meeting, SN reminds me to send a quote. In it, the client can choose from price packages and tick which one he is interested in. I can include a sale - eg prints, instax rental, etc. I sometimes skip this step depending on the type of order and the client. If we clearly arrange everything at the meeting, there is no need to send an offer. On the other hand, if you confirm the offer, you have it black on white and the invoice can then generate items according to the offer.
  6. The request changes to "job".
  7. A thank you for the booking will be sent to the client and further information about what will follow. He already knows this information from the meeting, but it's great to remind him. And it's easier to find in an email.
  8. The client is sent a form to fill out, in which the data for the work contract are needed.
  9. After filling in, I will receive info and I can prepare a work contract (online). Basically, I will add data to the client in the pre-prepared contract and send it for signing.
  10. After signing the contract, info is sent to pay the deposit and the invoice. Paypal can also be included in payments! Which I see as another way to let the client pay. With paypal, it is necessary to accept that it will deduct some money for mediation. You can mark payments as received on your invoice. SN itself sends notifications when something is overdue or overdue, so you don't have to think about it.
  11. Some time before the actual photo shoot, SN will send more information about what will happen. Asking if there are any changes, etc. Two days before the photo shoot, SN notifies me to verify by phone that everything is valid.
  12. Photographing!
  13. The day after the photo shoot, SN sends a thank you to the client and buzzes me to process the order by some time.
  14. In the meantime, SN is already dealing with a reminder of the invoice surcharge.
  15. I will process the order and send a link to the gallery via SN. I also have a request for a review and a bonus prescribed in the email. Just to make it nice and grateful!
  16. SN sends an offer for prints.
  17. I solve prints and possibly other little things.
  18. Job done

t's super great and simple, isn't it? Most emails can be prescribed once. If you check their submission manually, you can also touch them before sending and personalize or edit the text more as needed.

And all this fun costs $ 16.90 a month. That's about four hundred, if math doesn't deceive me. Great price per ton of time saved! In addition, if you order Studio Ninja with my referral code (recommended), you have $ 5 cheaper. The code is AKYJ16G2RWM417

Then, if someone else orders through your referral code, that someone has $ 5 down again, and so do you. So if you get it I think 4 people, you have free SN and they are cheaper. That's great isn't it? :)

NEWS! I have been the ambassador of Studio Ninja since September 2020! You can now use the discount code KENJILOVESSN and you will have 50% off for the first 12 months!

If you have any questions about Studio Ninja, don't be afraid to contact me. I will be happy to advise and answer anything.

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