Tips for last minute Christmas gift

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Tips for last minute Christmas gift

Tips for last minute Christmas gift

It must have happened to each of you that during the preparation of Christmas presents you found out that you have quite a few of them and that another one would be useful for you. But what now? The gift budget is gone, you can't afford anything big and time is short. What else can you please, won't it ruin you and be able to deliver it to you with certainty? Here are some of my tips that would please me too. Maybe you will like some of it :)


Writing notebooks and writing implements

Everyone needs to write, write, take notes and / or draw. Exercise books or stationery will please absolutely everyone, and whoever says no, he talks nicely. I personally buy notebooks from this year - because they are sexy and have nice colors. If you also suffer from curvature, you will be pleased by the dotted lines - so you can fit more lines of text, oujee! I leave notebooks lying everywhere - in the living room, in the bedroom, in the office. Because you never know when you'll need one (or when one of them will be lost). I'm not quite a pencil specialist, but this year my wife ordered us stationery from, and since they're under the tree, I don't know what they look like yet.

Tipy na vánoční dárky na poslední chvíli - sešity na psaní od a psací potřeby



Okay with the truth out. I came up with those notebooks thanks to the fact that I received a luxury diary for 2021 from It is completely charming and handmade, and what I leafed through it, it occurred to me that this is exactly what I need. So far, I've only ridden with an online calendar from Google, and I thought to myself that a written diary is something I want to start with. also has a smaller monthly diary on the eshop, so bang it in the basket. All I need is leather boards, in which I will wear it all with notebooks. By the way, the diary can be opened completely straight and has a fairly high weight of paper, so it is great to write in it. And you can easily kill a fly with it, and those are actually two flies with one blow.

Tipy na vánoční dárky na poslední chvíli - diář na rok 2021 od



Printed photos will delight everyone. If you have something to print, then shove it there. I would like to write that you order from my favorites, but what I saw on their social networks, they really have a lot and so there is probably no 100% certainty that it will work at the last minute. But when you risk it, you can take beautiful photo paintings, canvases, photos on a wooden board, photo books and other things. Enter the code VRABELLUKAS for a 10% discount :) And if you do not chase it, I think that the photos printed on the self-service machine in stores, which are all over the Czech Republic, will also make you happy.

Tipy na vánoční dárky na poslední chvíli - tištěné fotky a fotokniha od


Photo album

If you order photos as often as I do, you need to put them into something. This year we ordered albums from for the grandmothers, because they have good prices and nice motives. In addition, they have pockets for photos, so it's easy for their old fingers to manipulate and fill photos. But we always order something extra for ourselves. What fascinated me the most this year was the wooden albums produced by and the piano album from There is probably nothing to represent on wooden albums, the wood is just nice and has nice motifs on the albums, so you will definitely choose. They make a variant with black or white paper, so you can design it a bit to your liking. I like the album by piiira again, because it looks a bit vintage, like from my grandmother, but it's from a young boy. The binding looks different than what I'm used to, so you can see the album in the library right away. And the surface makes two materials that are pleasant to the touch. I recommend the old pink canvas.

Tipy na vánoční dárky na poslední chvíli - fotoalbum



The biggest advantage of vouchers is that they can be sent electronically in the finals on Christmas Eve. It's a grateful thing and if you choose the right one, it will make you happy. Classics are vouchers for massages or pedicures and / or forearm treatments or anything similar. For me, people often order a voucher for a photo shoot, for their loved ones (or in the final for themselves) or a voucher for a private course (whether a photo shoot or post-production). This year, for example, I would get a voucher for cleaning photo equipment from, or I would like to learn to write nicely in those notebooks and diaries at misa_pise, which does lettering or calligraphy or, as it is cursed, and organizes beauty writing courses.

Tipy na vánoční dárky na poslední chvíli - dárkový poukaz


Electronic license

And there are also a lot of them, right? And it is also a gift that you can buy on Christmas Day. You can buy an electronic license for your boyfriend photographer, for example, for programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Zoner Photo Studio X or Affinity Photo. If your boyfriend prefers to play games, there is nothing easier than to buy him a game on the Playstation Store or top up his credit for his favorite Fortnite: D This year I bought a premium membership on, from where I sometimes get some demand for wedding photography . But even such a Netflix is not to be thrown away, is it? Or if you are looking for a booking system for booking, invoicing and communication with clients, you can buy Studio Ninja (and use the code KENJILOVESSN for a 50% discount for the first 12 months). I use Studio Ninja just for the mentioned tasks and I would not allow the system :)


Maybe these few tips helped you. I can say for myself that I used all 6, and some even more than once. So handsome Santa!

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