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My review on Sigma SD Quattro H

Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - My review on Sigma SD Quattro H

You may have noticed that during June I published photos from Sigma SD Quattro H with Sigma 35mm f / 1.4 DG HSM Art lens and I was excited about the results. So what's my appreciation for this camera?

A little bit about the technical parameters first (because without them it's just a paperweight, right). Quattro H is an APS-H camera, which means that it has a 1.35x crop factor compared to APS-C cameras - a little smaller than a full frame and slightly larger than APS-C. JPG or DNG images have 25.5MP resolution and even 51MP resolution in raw (X3F) format. I would suspend the DNG format, which is a great thing, because with this versatile format you have really great possibilities to edit photos and photo exposures and you don't depend on whether your version of Lightroom (Camera Raw, Capture One, etc.) supports this format (though Apparently, Adobe has been counting on him since February 2018. Just prepare a faster and larger memory card, because one file is about 150MB.

The sensor in Quattro H is completely different than the ones you have probably encountered so far. It's called Foveon, and in layman's terms it records light by its frequency / energy. It consists of three layers and each color hits the sensor in a different layer / depth because each color has a different energy. This means that Foveon produces some of the best and most accurate colors. Normally, there is one layer in cameras where each pixel records one of three colors.

As for the body and its design, I consider the design to be original and novel. At first I was very surprised by the design, but I can honestly say that I like it more and more - that is of course subjective and we all have different tastes. The body is robust and firm and well-held, but I did not have the opportunity to try all-day "wearing". You could take a street brawl with him, and probably nothing happened, and of course it's waterproof. But the strength and durability is quite typical for Sigma toys, so whoever owns ARTku, you know what to expect. I have only one reproach to the body and the layout of the elements - switching on the bayonet (I was looking for it for a while).

The display has a good design and the menu is very well organized, clear and easy to navigate.

And the overall feeling of photography and use? For me it is definitely suitable for patient photographers who have enough time. Overall, Quattro H is rather slow for my taste and harder to handle larger ISO values. This makes it a suitable camera for the studio or for landscapes with a really great output, but for example, I would not like to rely on it for wedding photography if you are not ready to call the newlyweds (with exaggeration) "Give the first kiss again, only now saved me a picture of combing the bride ". So during the photo shoot, there was a slight disappointment from the "utahanosti" camera in my case. But this very quickly replaced the enthusiasm of the output photos, which have a beautiful color and are perfectly sharp and with great detail. Color and detail processing is the strongest page for Quattro H, which surpasses many other and more expensive cameras.

We cannot say that Quattro H was a camera for a wide range of users, but I personally think it is a very suitable machine for landscape and studio photographers who will be excited about the quality of the output photos. In addition, in combination with Sigma lenses, you can enjoy beautifully sharp images.

Finally - Sigma SD Quattro H is not for everyone. But this is a unique camera that makes Foveon very attractive and different photos than cameras with a traditional sensor. The body is well processed and durable. If you know what you need for your photo shoot, and Sigma SD Quattro H does it, believe that the result will exceed your expectations.

Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - My review on Sigma SD Quattro H
Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - My review on Sigma SD Quattro H
Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - My review on Sigma SD Quattro H
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