The most beautiful places for a wedding in the Vysočina region 2021

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The most beautiful places for a wedding in the Vysočina region 2021

The most beautiful places for a wedding in the Vysočina region 2021

A year ago I wrote this blog - The most beautiful places for a wedding in the Highlands. And he had a huge attendance, so you are probably interested in these recommendations. This year, however, I traveled to many other places in the Highlands, where I photographed weddings. So it is my civic duty to update this list and list the most beautiful places for a wedding in the Highlands for 2021. So here we go! Here are my top places with links so you can contact them yourself. And if you are interested in some details and my own experience, don't be afraid to write to me.

1. Pohoda Nárameč

The first place is deservedly held by Pohoda Nárameč. This is still number one for me and the most beautiful and practical place where you can organize a wedding. The whole area is dominated by a glass barn. The individual windows are separated by stone columns and all are connected by wooden beams. So at first glance, the beauty and the whole place is beautifully lit, so there are really nice and natural photos. For the ceremony, there is a simple gazebo outside surrounded by meadows and forests and nature. Pohoda Nárameč is located on the main route between Velký Meziříčí and Třebíč in the village of Nárameč. The accessibility is really great and you are on the spot from the D1 motorway in a short time. Newlywed portraits can be taken anywhere. There are already mentioned meadows, field paths, forests in the background, a pond or an apple orchard near the outbuilding. At this place, I photographed probably the most weddings for the years 2018 to 2020. The pension offers accommodation in several rooms as well as catering and wedding service. And a small bonus - there is a swimming pool in the complex :)


2. Třeštický Mlýn

Pension Mlýn Třeštice is located between the villages of Hodice and Doupě. It's really just a short distance from Jihlava or Telč. The pension offers accommodation in several rooms, unfortunately (at least as far as I know), so it does not provide catering or service, so you must have your own. This year I most often met a group from Zverimex Bistro Bar or Restt in Třeštice. So solvable, that's fine. The pension consists of a building (large building) of an old mill. There is a hall for dancing and catering on two floors and a space for a large wedding table on the first floor for a joint lunch. In the fenced area there are a number of trees, ponds, streams, but also farm buildings with wooden textures, which look fantastic in the newlywed photos. So we don't have to go far for a great photo :) The most iconic one is probably the swing hanging on a tall tree, there will always be great photos. The ceremony is always done in a large garden in front of the mill or in an enclosed yard, eg under a tent in case of bad weather. That's my number two!


3. Vanůvecký Dvůr

I discovered Vanůvecký Dvůr basically by chance this year and I was here for the first time and for the last time so far (hopefully I will get here next year). Vanůvecký Dvůr lies on the edge of the village Vanůvek, which lies between Doupět and Vanov (aha - Doupě lies somewhere between Vanůvek and Třeštice, so points 2 and 3 are not so far apart). In any case, it is again near Telč and a short distance from Jihlava. What I managed to observe during the visit, Vanůvecký dvůr has a relatively large parking space (which is sometimes a problem with other buildings) and more than ten rooms for accommodation (and as we know, accommodation is sometimes a problem). On the ground floor there is a dance hall and a banquet hall, next to each other. The ceremony can be held in the barn or outside on a meadow. Opposite the building is a paddock with deer and ropes (or whatever it was), so with a little luck you can collect magical photos. For a newlywed photo shoot, you can also go to the nearby Roštejn Castle or to several different quarries around. Some with an entry ban, but who would fire a bride, right? Vanůvecký dvůr will also provide catering and service.


4. Líšeňský Dvůr

The Líšeň court surprised me the most this year. Maybe it's because I don't have the map of the north of Vysočina so much. The yard is located in the village of Líšná near the village of Sněžné in Ždárské vrchy. Just a few minutes from Nové Město na Moravě. The whole area looks very luxurious and has a wellness. It is completely secluded, so there are only fields, meadows, forests, hills, a pond. Everything is very photogenic! Inside there seems to be quite a lot of space for accommodation, inside a restaurant with a beautiful terrace, and in the back there is a barn for a banquet. In my opinion, this is the weakest link (there is gravel on the floor, so after a few shots you don't feel well anymore), but you can live with it. I wouldn't mean that the barn is ugly, isn't it. But compared to the rest of Líšeňský Dvůr, she is such a poorer cousin :) But what I really liked was the surrounding peace. At night, the stars were even visible, because the whole area is alone on a hill and no disturbing sound or flash will just reach you. Líšeňský dvůr will also provide catering and service.


5. Ptačí dům v Hospodářském dvoře v Bohuslavicích

The farm in Bohuslavice is known to almost everyone in the Vysočina region. It is located near Nová Říše, not far from Telč. And if you have children who love animals, he has definitely visited the court at least once. But not everyone knows that in its back above the pond is the so-called Bird House, whose wooden walls are full of holes that serve as houses for small birds. There is a sufficient number of parking spaces and plenty of space for accommodation. The bird house itself is spacious and multi-storey. The ground floor is an ideal space for entertainment, photo corner, drinking. The wedding floor and the space for dancing can easily fit on the first floor. Above the first floor are still beautiful newlywed apartments with luxurious terraces, where you can take really magical photos at sunset! There are paddocks for various animals throughout the yard - horses, donkeys, piglets, cows and many others. So if you love animals, be sure not to include a photo with horses. My favorites this year were cute sows that have a paddock by the pond. How many brides have a wedding photo with a pig, huh? :) Thanks to the restaurant in the farmyard, you can also count on catering and service.


Which places didn't fit in the TOP 5, but are still great?


6. Husí farma Kalhov

Goose farm Kalhov is located in Kalhov near Větrný Jeníkov - so for commuters on the D1 it is also relatively close to the highway. If you like a rustic environment and are planning a smaller wedding with accommodation and catering, take a look at their offer. There is beautiful nature or a pond with a pier - ideal for newlyweds. Only the main road that connects Humpolec and Jihlava is a bit busy, so be careful when crossing the road!


7. Stříbrný dvůr

Are you looking for something very close to Jihlava? Stříbrný Dvůr near Zborná near Jihlava is five minutes away from the regional town center. The area is full of meadows and forests and right next to Stříbrný Dvůr is a large pond with a boat, where you can enjoy a serious natural wedding ceremony. And if you prefer a smaller ceremony inside, you can use the local renovated chapel. At the banquet there is a hunting hall of the chateau and a spacious courtyard for outdoor seating. The whole area is dominated by a tall tower with a view of the surroundings. Stříbrný Dvůr offers catering and accommodation, and if you are an animal lover, you can try to take pictures with fleeing fallow deer, a menacing-looking llama or a goat Klaus.


8. Váňův statek

Váňův Statek is located just behind Pelhřimov and offers accommodation and catering. There are two ponds and tall trees in the area, under which you can treat yourself to a really nice wedding ceremony. The area is full of meadows and forests, ideal for couple photography. After all, take a look at their drone video on the web and you will immediately get an idea of what Váňa's farm looks like. By the way, they also have a pool! :)


PS: I wrote the evaluation and ranking according to my feelings and only at places where I have already photographed weddings. I'm looking forward to next year, when I plan to take pictures of weddings in other places such as Samota Křemen, Chalupa na Kolářce, Mohelenský Dvůr, Hodějovický mlýn or Hotel Farma. I will be happy to add reviews to these places in the next blog :)

Pohoda Nárameč - nejhezčí místa na svatbu na Vysočině 2021
Třeštický mlýn - nejhezčí místa na svatbu na Vysočině 2021
Vanůvecký dvůr - nejhezčí místa na svatbu na Vysočině 2021
Líšeňský dvůr - nejhezčí místa na svatbu na Vysočině 2021
Hospodářský dvůr Bohuslavice - nejhezčí místa na svatbu na Vysočině 2021
Husí farma Kalhov - nejhezčí místa na svatbu na Vysočině 2021
Váňův statek - nejhezčí místa na svatbu na Vysočině 2021
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