How to choose a good wedding photographer

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How to choose a good wedding photographer

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Are you choosing a wedding photographer and do not know how to choose the right one? Do you want to be sure that you will not get burned and that everything will go as you imagined? A good wedding photographer should at least be reliable, responsible and punctual. But anyone can say that about themselves. I know that getting to know the right photographer is not as easy as getting to know the right groom, for example. But here are some tips that might help you.


He will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours

Good photographers care about customer service, so they will respond to your request very soon. It doesn't take that long to check if your appointment is free. If the answer takes a week or more, he probably has other things to do or you're not that important to him. But then the question is whether you will not have to wait several times longer for the delivery of photos than would be necessary.


A personal meeting is the key

A personal meeting (or video call) will help you the most in your decision-making. There you will know whether you will sit down with the photographer or not. Personal impression is very important because the photographer spends the whole wedding day by your side. If you do not feel good in his presence or you are unsympathetic to you, it will be difficult for you to feel comfortable in his presence at the wedding. Don't be afraid to say no in that case, it will be better for both parties. You will not marry a wedding dress in which you do not feel well. Written communication cannot replace personal communication at all.

Didn't the photographer offer you the opportunity to meet in person before the wedding? Get your hands off now!


He cares

A good photographer is interested in you. This also has an effect on how he is to work with you and what the resulting photos will look like. When he knows that you love nature and forests, he will not take you to a wedding photo shoot in the city center.


He takes pictures of moments, not poses

You will always feel if the photographer's portfolio "resonates" with you. In addition, you can easily tell from the photos whether the wedding photographer captures real moments and emotions and makes portrait photography a relaxed experience for you, or whether he can take away twenty constantly recurring learned poses from which nothing can be felt.


Has references on the web or on google

As well as reading reviews on Algae before buying a new vacuum cleaner, you should also be able to read the opinions of satisfied or dissatisfied customers of the wedding photographer. Has no references? So watch out! This may mean that he does not care about the opinion of customers or that there have been so many negative ones that he prefers not to pay attention to them. At worst, it's just lazy to deal with, but do you really want a lazy photographer?

You can see my references here on the web


He covers you with a wedding contract

A good wedding photographer will of course prepare a wedding contract in which you have black and white, how the service will take place and what you will receive from the photographer. Such a contract should also include the photographer's handling of the incident. For example, if he will provide you with the same quality compensation in case of his illness. You definitely don't want to look for a new photographer a week before the wedding.


So are you clear? There are a lot of wedding photographers and sometimes it's a chore to choose the right one. In the final, however, the most important thing is to choose, so to speak, "heart". Is the man your blood type and his photos are great? Go to him!

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