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5 tips on how to set up instagram correctly

5 tips on how to set up Instagram correctly

Instagram can be a very effective tool to build your name or brand and raise awareness. But how to set it up properly to help you with your business? Here are 5 tips on how to set up your Instagram profile correctly.


Instagram is not a goods comparison machine like heureka or zbozi.cz, it is not even a bazaar or eshop. Instagram is simply not a sales channel, so don't try to sell your product at all costs. People on instagram do not go shopping. Be personal and personal, present yourself as a personality or as a brand. Communicate, advise, be available to your followers. You get the followers you are interested in and who are interested in your industry. And finally you manage to sell your product or service - but that shouldn't be the first.


Do not copy other posts and do not try to perform as eg Kazma. Kazma is just one and people won't trust you. Be yourself and perform as you would normally. Don't play anything. People who love your personality and originality will find you. Build your name and community. Get your trust.


Don't rely on anyone who visits your profile to read your posts to see if you like them. The first impression is important. Profile photo should be appropriate - if you are a personality, we recommend an original and perhaps a little creative portrait. But it should be close enough for visitors to recognize you. If you are presenting your business, insert your logo as a profile picture. And don't forget - cheerful colors attract attention. The black logo on a white background may be a bit boring.
Your account name should also be meaningful, as well as a label. The name DJ_FRANTA certainly says more about what you do than dJmusix6645franz. Likewise, the style description "I'm DJ Franta, I create music and write about it. Watch djfranta.cz" can work better than confusing "#dj #skolazivota #makingmusic #mackamcudliky #hrajuvjemnicinadiskotece".


Make sure that the contributions you add are consistent and consistent. The whole feed is then balanced and aligned. Once you add a white photo, then red, then blue and finally purple, your feed will be messy and your followers won't be interested. For example, try using only one filter or stylize your photos into a similar color. Feed is one of the first things a visitor watches and therefore should be creative, original and representative enough for you. You just have to catch the eye and the color matching of the photos will help you 100%. If you are a photographer or you can enjoy your photos, try changing the color of the feed with the season. In the summer, use yellow and azure colors, autumn natural brown and orange, in winter blue and white, and spring green and red.


On the Internet you will find lots of articles when to add. You may find it best to add posts around six to seven in the evening. You'll find the most active people on Sunday night, and that Saturday morning is not completely futile either. But the most important thing to keep your followers' attention is regularity. It doesn't matter if you add it every day (of course the more frequent addition is better) or just once a week. But do it with machine regularity. People get used to when they want to expect from you and instagram algorithms help to get regular contributions.


Build a relationship with your followers and gain their trust. Build a community with similar interests and build your name in that community.

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