10 tips to support your photographer during quarantine

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10 tips to support your photographer during quarantine

10 tips to support your photographer during quarantine - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook

The current situation not only in the Czech Republic has affected a huge number of freelancers, including photographers. This craft is quite difficult to make a living and I perceive a large number of photographers in my area who find it difficult to make a living outside the current crisis. Creating a financial reserve to keep photographers freelance in such a period may not be easy. Then it is only a matter of time before finances run out due to imposed bans. And because they are not big companies, they are only business people - self-employed, it has a terrible impact on their personal and family lives. After the crisis, it may happen that your favorite photographer will no longer be here for you, because of lack of finance he will have to sell equipment and get employed somewhere. So if you have a personal / family photographer, you like him and want to take pictures by him in the future, try supporting him in one of the following ways, even in this crisis.

1. Do not cancel the shoot, postpone it

For example, do you have a deposit for your wedding photo shoot? And do you know you want to marry, even if the quarantine has thwarted you now? Do not cancel booking with your wedding photographer, postpone the date. And if you don't know the date yet, postpone it indefinitely. For a wedding photographer, the larger number of canceled weddings and refunds can be devastating.

2. Book a date for a photo shoot in the future

Booking a date for a photo shoot, for example, in the summer when it might be calmer, is the easiest way to support your photographer. Even if it did not mean an immediate supply of finance for the photographer, only the prospect of future orders could at least calm him down.

3. Purchase a photo voucher

Another option, this time with the immediate effect of the inflow of finance, is the purchase of a photo voucher. You can buy it for yourself or for your loved ones who will for example celebrate birthdays, holidays, births, engagement.

4. Give the photographer a positive rating

Give your photographer a positive review on Facebook or Google. This increases the possibility that another customer will find it in the future and order their services. If you want to give a positive review to me, you can do so here.

5. Be active on the photographer's social networks

Social networks are probably the most powerful way of promoting for photographers. Be active on their social networks, swipe there, write a comment, share. All of this increases the reach of their social networks and hence the potential of being discovered by someone new to ordering their services.

6. Promote the photographer on your social networks

Share the photographer's profile, mention it and sample his photos in your instastories, recommend the photographer in facebook groups. This will increase the possibility for someone else to order his services.

7. Buy presets

Many photographers sell presets to Adobe Lightroom or even Zoner Photo Studio. The prices are mostly symbolic, but by buying you express your photographer's support and earn him a monthly purchase of food.

8. Buy printed materials

Get photos from previous photoshoots. There are plenty of possibilities - photographs, canvases, paintings, photo books, calendars. This will support the photographer and his printer.

9. Order a private course

Do you have a favorite photographer and want to learn to take pictures just like him? Order a private course by him (of course when the quarantine allows it). Everyone doesn't have to be a photo tutor, but a few photo shooting tips can be passed on to everyone.

10. Offer him your services

Do you do business yourself and do you see that the photographer has shortcomings in your field? Offer him your services, he will be happy to reward you by taking pictures. For example, are you a webdesigner? Help your photographer improve his web portfolio.

At least one of these tips will certainly support photographers in their further operation. Try it, it's simple and functional. And hopefully most of us will make a mistake of this difficult period and we will continue to meet with the squeezed viewfinders.

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