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10 tips on how to shoot a lifestyle portrait

10 tips on how to shoot a lifestyle portrait - lifestyle photographer Lukáš Kenji Vrábel

Try to understand who or what you are photographing

Lifestyle photography requires a slightly different approach than, for example, classic portrait photography. Don't necessarily try to plan the whole photo shoot down to the smallest detail, but give space for everyone to show you what their personality is specific about. Take an interest in what people like, what they don't like, what they enjoy and don't enjoy. Give space to chance and express who you are photographing.

Anticipate what will happen

The most beautiful lifestyle photos are about the captured moment, which is usually very short. Don't miss any such moment and keep the camera alert at all times. And don't stop taking pictures. Some photos look great a second before or a second after a special moment happens.

You are leading it

Don't assume that everything will happen by itself. You take photos and sometimes it needs a little help to make something interesting happen. Work with people, evoke situations that result in a natural and random moment. Few drunken wedding men jump into the pool in suits, unless someone advises him to do so.

Choose the right location

Choose a location based on what is close to your clients. Don't be afraid to take pictures at the client's home or in the garden, in their favorite park or on their favorite playground. The natural environment will help make your clients feel good, be themselves and forget that someone is taking pictures of them. This point is very much related to point one. When you listen, it doesn't happen to you that you take a client to the sandy beach who doesn't like sand.

Focus on complexity

We now know how important the overall environment is to a natural result. Therefore, do not forget to capture this environment in photos. This will help you complete the overall atmosphere of the photos. Don't just focus on a simple background like one bush, one tree, one sofa in the living room. The whole living room or the whole park is important for the client and can play very well with his personality.

Details are important

Once we have the units ready, let's get to the details. Don't be afraid to take pictures of the details of your hands, feet and ideally during some favorite activity. Small details will help you spice up the whole story.

Entertain them

Let your clients do something. It can't just stand there! Hire their hands and their heads. They can play together, touch, tickle or even race, jump high. Try to confuse them, make fun of them, or make them shout Harry Potter spells. Any activity that makes them forget that someone is taking pictures of them is beneficial. You will get natural reactions and thus natural photos.

Unforcedness at all costs

Leave the lights at home, work with natural light and a natural environment that is specific to clients. Is it dark in the client's living room? Leave the photos dark. Don't be afraid of noise, it just belongs there! Look for natural light sources and use them. Inside, take a picture from the window, draw their attention against the light. Outdoors in strong light, take pictures against the sun, catch their attention from the sun. Do you have a photo with hard shadows on your face? Don't lubricate it, the captured moment is more important than technical perfection.

Support imperfections

Do you have a severed head in the photo? Are you losing the horizon or are the curved guides? Is the focus in the wrong place or is the movement blurry due to the short time? Does not matter! The most important thing is the moment in the photo.

Everyday life is the best teacher

Carry a camera and train every day, take pictures of real situations, real people. Take a picture of everyone you talk to. It will teach you to be more receptive and to see interesting situations and moments that are worth taking pictures.

10 tips on how to shoot a lifestyle portrait - lifestyle photographer Lukáš Kenji Vrábel
10 tips on how to shoot a lifestyle portrait - lifestyle photographer Lukáš Kenji Vrábel
10 tips on how to shoot a lifestyle portrait - lifestyle photographer Lukáš Kenji Vrábel
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