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Wedding, portrait and lifestyle photographer

As a little boy I wanted to be a hunter. In vain, anyone would look for linking to photography , so I'll tell you the truth instead of telling a story about a magical boy who became a photographer. Once in 2013, a poisonous spider bit me and I gained the superpower through the viewfinder to see and capture human joy, love, desire and other emotions. So I put on a well-fitting camera strap and decided to fight the crimes of bad taste, kitsch and poorly arranged poses. Every morning I start (after breakfast and coffee) from my hiding place and take pictures of weddings, portraits, lifestyle and leave happy and satisfied people behind who can still feel safe and happy in their city and enjoy this joy they can remind themselves with beautiful photos . Need to save too? Light a beard sign on the sky or call!

Who am I then?

I am a wedding, portrait and lifestyle photographer, retoucher and lecturer. I am part of the SB Films (advertising agency) and Svatber (wedding photo and video) team. I am an ambassador for Sigma , Zoner and Studio Ninja. As a lecturer I lead courses and workshops for , FotoŠ and the Slovak AKF Bratislava . I also write reviews and articles for .

I use creativity , emotions , passion , senses , heart and camera . I have had several successes not only in international competitions, a series of attractive exhibitions, a few awards and a failed career as a solo singer. I was born and graduated from grammar school in Jihlava, where I now live. But I also travel to distant places to take pictures. The biggest passion and motivation for me is my son, great wife, family, friends and sweets. I like to start new collaborations and welcome interesting challenges.

Are you on the same wave? Let me know about it.



Who do I work with?

Who do I work for?

Ammeraal Beltech
Barber George
Chýský & Lorenc Partners
City Park Jihlava
Collective Collapse Clothing
Česká Spořitelna
Dino Toys
HC Dukla Jihlava
FC Vysočina
Vysočina Gladiators
Komerční Banka
Kraj Vysočina
Hitrádio Vysočina
Mahlerův Penzion na Hradbách Jihlava
Služby Města Jihlavy
Tři Věžičky Jihlava
Vaše Čočky
Vodní Ráj Jihlava

Awards I am proud of

Viewbug - Top 10 Photographers 2016

Viewbug Top10 Photographers 2016

Viewbug - Top 10 Photographers 2017

Viewbug Top10 Photographers 2017

Viewbug - Top 10 Photographers 2018

Viewbug Top10 Photographers 2018

Viewbug - Ambassador

Viewbug Ambassador

Viewbug - Hall of Fame

Viewbug Hall of Fame

Viewbug - Photo Skill Recognition

Viewbug Photo Skill Recognition

Viewbug - Camera Champion Top Award

Viewbug Camera Champion Top Award

Viewbug - Ultimate Champion

Viewbug Ultimate Champion

Viewbug - Contest Winner

Viewbug 6 Contests Winner

Viewbug - Top 10% Influencing Photographers

Viewbug Top 10% Influencing Photographers


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