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I'm Lukáš Kenji Vrábel and I'm a photographer

I could tell you the cliché story that I was born with a camera in my hands and that the Fates foretold me to be a successful photographer. I could even raise the story by telling you how my grandpa and I went to shoot a landscapes on an old Flexaret. But the truth is that after birth I was a much bigger pro in thumb sucking and grandpa taught me that when you ride a flower bed on a tricycle, you get on your ass. Do you want to know what my real story is?

years of camera buttons abuse
courses in which I tried to speak decent
times I had to charge the batteries this year

All my passions

I asked people why they chose me as their photographer. They told me they liked how honest and distinctive my photos were. And when I asked them what they felt about the photo shoot, they told me they enjoyed the photo shoot and felt comfortable, beautiful, and themselves. And that's how I enjoy doing this job. Because honesty, personality, and great feelings always prevail ....over lies and hatred. Is that correct? :)

Lukáš Kenji Vrábel "Kenji's ShotBook" - COUPLE & WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY

Do you want to be sure from the first meeting, that you have been photographed by a buddy who fits perfectly among your guests, and not a stranger in a not fitting jacket hidden in a corner? Let's go to the first meeting!

Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - PORTRAITS & FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY
Come and enjoy the photo shoot! No poses and photos like for ID card. Only us, chat, walk and, as a result, natural and lively moments that will keep you entertained for a long time.
Lukáš Kenji Vrábel "Kenji's ShotBook" - LIFESTYLE & PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY
How to let customers know your service or product is great? Show them how your products or services can be enjoyed by everyone and everyone will want them!

What do customers say about me?

Rodinná fotografie - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook

Lenka Doležalová and family

I can only recommend! Atmosphere great and very natural and you laugh at it :) I'm really satisfied with the quality of photos, their processing, speed of delivery. Communication absolutely hassle-free :)

Těhotenská fotografie - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook

Jitka a Štěpán

Absolutely satisfied, friendly atmosphere, we enjoyed the photoshoot and the result was perfect. Thanks to Kenji, I overcome my fear of taking pictures and I already know that I wasn't there for the last time!

Verča a Vašek - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Couples & Weddings

Verča and Vašek

The guys from Svatber are not only years-long friends but real pros:) The wedding video as well as pictures exceeded our expectations. There was cheerful mood during photographing session and we even did not notice the cameraman!:) It was an amazing job done which brought even more amazing outcome:) <3 Thank you!

Andrea a Adam - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Couples & Weddings

Andrea and Adam

We've got such spectacular pictures! They enable us to experience our day again and again. When selecting a photographer, we were afraid that photographing would take a lot of time or it would be artificial... But this photographing session was an intense experience and sort of a ride! Lightweight, hilarious, very fast and the outcome exactly as we wished for in our souls. We have got a magnificent series of memories from the whole day :-) We would like to thank the guys a lot and strongly recommend them.

Domča a Jára - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Couples & Weddings

Domča and Jára

Brilliant cooperation, loads of fun, relaxed atmosphere and the professional outcome. Photographs by Svatber are distinct and our wedding album perfectly depicts the atmosphere and the course of the whole day. THANKS A MILLION for that! We are fully satisfied and we 100 % recommend Svatber.

Jirka a Eliška - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Couples & Weddings

Jirka and Eliška

Guys from made photographs as well as the video for us and we can only fully recommend them. They are real pros with their body and soul, the outcome is fabulous and no one could capture our Day in a better way <3 Thank you so much for the job done!:)

Rodinná fotografie - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook


A great MR photographer we can only recommend. Kenji creates a relaxed atmosphere to create images that are not mechanized and can capture the expressions we really have :) which was our wish for family photography. Thank you and look forward to next time ;-)

Nathan and Leona - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Couples & Weddings

Nathan and Leona

Kenji took a couple photoshooting with me and my wife, for me it was the first time in front of a professional camera, he did not make me feel embarrassing, great humor, he always has a thousand ideas, definitely a good photographer and editor, the video and final photos are georgeus.

Svatební fotografie - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook

Vojta a Renča

We expect a lot and got even more! Perfect work, thanks

Michal a Marika - Kenji's ShotBook Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Svatební fotografie

Michal a Marika

Absolutely cool photographer who can create such a relaxed atmosphere that you don't even notice the shooting process :)

Rodinná fotografie - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook

Kristýna, Tomáš a Adélka

Absolutely amazing and rare photos. Kenji is able to capture moments, not any mechanical photos. We took pictures of family photos, which were over expectations. We are looking forward to wedding photography :)

Terka a Zdenda - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Couples & Weddings

Terka and Zdenda

Our cooperation with the guys was simply pleasant and professional! The wedding day is just once, so we are really glad we chose these nice guys! P.S. If you have not decided yet and the aforementioned is not sufficient, 0 % divorce-rate speaks from ♡

Těhotenská fotografie - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook

Hanka a Jindra

Agreed before the photo shoot - excellent! Atmosphere during the shooting (for me and my friends for the first time a professional shooting) so amazing that we enjoyed it naturally! The result is worth it !!! We recommend  this guy with camera to all !!!

Blanka Fialová - Portrait

Blanka Fialová

Photoshoot with Kenji was a fantastic experience. We gave him a little hard work in the field, but it was fun. We enjoyed it very much! Not to mention the quality of the photos, we haven't had a better photos yet. Next photoshoot - only with Lukas. Thank you ;)

Dita a Jakub - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Couples & Weddings

Dita and Jakub

It is the best choice we could make:) I was a bit afraid from the photographing because my current husband hates photographing. However, Svatber gave both of us a pleasant experience and my husband even admitted that he really enjoyed it. It was a brilliant idea, pictures were distinctive – not just regular stuff you can see everywhere – the photographer had an amazing personality and you get rid of shyness because he is simply a cool guy. And an icing on the cake are super cool pictures and we are really grateful for them!

Věrka a Jakub -  Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - svatební fotografie a video

Věrka and Jakub

We were fully satisfied! The guys are awesome and we are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL TO THEM. They are professional, generous and willing to help. There were no artificial poses during photographing - just a sheer casualness. We had a great time which resulted in splendid photographs and snapshots. We will definitely use their services again. We recommend them to whoever is still hesitating.

Jana Večerková - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Portraits

Jana Večerková

Thank you for amazing and professional photographs:)

Rodinná fotografie - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook

Honza and Lucka

I and my wife highly recommend! Shooting is really an experience, you don't even know that someone is taking pictures of you and the results are absolutely great! We have already used these services three times and certainly not the last time, we are looking forward to further cooperation.

Marek a Klára - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Couples & Weddings

Marek and Klára

The guys from Svatber are creative at what they do, what fulfils them and what must be appreciated by everyone who does not like stereotypes and greyness. They listened to us from the very beginning of our cooperation and we could feel from their attitude that we can trust them and leave them a free hand. And the result is worth it! Spectacular pictures and the video that brilliantly depicted the atmosphere of our wedding and ensured marvellous memories for us. We would like to fully recommend the guys. Thanks a million!

Hanuš a Martina - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Couples & Weddings

Hanuš and Martina

We were fully satisfied with the human approach, photographing with a sense of humour and the overall easy-going atmosphere during photographing. Wedding photographs and memories are the only ones we have from the wedding and we know even after a year when we open the album that we chose an excellent photographer because the photos are magnificent and have a soul.

Veronika Slavíková - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Portraits

Veronika Slavíková

Kenji is an excellent photographer. He is completely relaxed, has a good sense of humour and feeling for beauty. Photographing session with him is fantastic and the workshops are worth it!!! :)

Lucie Beránková - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Portraits

Lucie Beránková

Kenji is one of the best photographers! During the photographing session he tells you what to do, he is kind, funny... so you will enjoy the photographing session with him to the maximum! I definitely recommend him. The photographing session is always perfect from all perspectives:)

Domča Komínová - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Portraits

Domča Komínová

He is a top photographer. He has charming pictures and excellent approach. ♥ Thank you, Kenji.

Rodinná fotografie - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook

Hana and Isabella

Always a great photo shoot. We have been taking pictures together for some time and always excellent cooperation. Great agreement, fast photo delivery and results according to your wishes. Just everything always great.

Rodinná fotografie - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook

Jitka and Radek

Beautiful photos, super approach, professionalism. Thank you very much

Denisa a Leo Wagnerovi - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Couples & Weddings

Denisa and Leo Wagner

It is excellent experience, easy-going environment, casual, non-artificial photographing session. All was natural and with various jokes. Thank you very much for outstanding results and experience. In addition, I would like to thank for arranging this gift that brought big joy. The photographing session with this excellent photographer was not definitely the last one! :)

Klára Filipenská - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Portraits

Klára Filipenská

He is an excellent photographer with the professional approach. Splendid and beautiful pictures are a sure thing! Warmly recommended!

Portrétní fotografie - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook

Tereza Leixnerová

Kenji is simply the best! He works so that you don't even know he is taking pictures of you. It's always fun and you smile for a long time after shooting. And best of all ... the result. Photos are beautiful natural and you think ... yeah, I'm really nice :))). I want photos only from him to the end of my life :)

Kateřina Mottlová - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Portraits

Kateřina Mottlová

It is definitely the BEST photographer ever!! :) All his work is very inventive and focused on detail. I fully recommend cooperation with him, because he is worth it. Not only that you have marvellous pictures but the atmosphere during photographing session is relaxed, it involves precise work of makeup artists and especially fun!:) Thanks for that!

Viktoria Romanyshyna - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Portraits

Viktoria Romanyshyna

It was an excellent photographing session, agreement and excellent approach. He is a fair photographer:)

Nika Nováková - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Portraits

Nika Nováková

He is simply the best from all <3 There is always an extraordinary heaps of laughter during the photographing session and it is hard not to fell to the ground laughing :D I am extraordinarily glad that I have been photographing with this extraordinary person already for several years! :)

Luboš a Petra - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - Couples & Weddings

Luboš and Petra

I wanted to have someone I can entrust photographing and video-making at my wedding for the whole day. Guys from are real pros and I am glad I decided for them!

Svatební fotografie - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook

Zuzka a Vašek

Kenji exceeded our expectations in every way. Working with him was just one great experience. He can create an incredibly friendly and relaxed atmosphere, so despite the slight nervousness of shooting we enjoyed a lot. He has a professional approach and is incredibly helpful. Thanks to Kenji, we have the most beautiful pictures and funny moments we could ever have from our wedding day. And when my husband and I are preparing for another photo shoot in the future, we will be happy to return to him.

Rodinná fotografie - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook

Jitka a děti

Pleasant and helpful meeting, professional approach, beautiful photos! Thank you for a great photo shoot of four restless children!

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