Kenji's ShotBook - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - svatební, portrétní a lifestyle fotograf

Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - KENJI'S SHOTBOOK - portrétní, rodinný a svatební fotograf Jihlava

I'm Lukáš Kenji Vrábel and I'm a photographer

I could tell you the cliché story that I was born with a camera in my hands and that the Fates foretold me to be a successful photographer. I could even raise the story by telling you how my grandpa and I went to shoot a landscapes on an old Flexaret. But the truth is that after birth I was a much bigger pro in thumb sucking and grandpa taught me that when you ride a flower bed on a tricycle, you get on your ass. Do you want to know what my real story is?

years of camera buttons abuse
courses in which I tried to speak decent
times I had to charge the batteries this year

All my passions

I asked people why they chose me as their photographer. They told me they liked how honest and distinctive my photos were. And when I asked them what they felt about the photo shoot, they told me they enjoyed the photo shoot and felt comfortable, beautiful, and themselves. And that's how I enjoy doing this job. Because honesty, personality, and great feelings always prevail ....over lies and hatred. Is that correct? :)

Lukáš Kenji Vrábel "Kenji's ShotBook" - WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY - Wedding photographer Jihlava Czech Republic

Do you want to be sure from the first meeting, that you have been photographed by a buddy who fits perfectly among your guests, and not a stranger in a not fitting jacket hidden in a corner? Let's go to the first meeting!

Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook - PORTRAITS & FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY
Come and enjoy the photo shoot! No poses and photos like for ID card. Only us, chat, walk and, as a result, natural and lively moments that will keep you entertained for a long time.
Fotograf na maturitní ples Jihlava - Lukáš Kenji Vrábel - Kenji's ShotBook
You have a prom once, twice in a lifetime! Count on me with prom photo shoot and trust me that your gallery will be full of great and unrepeatable moments.

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